SYFs meets the Supreme Commission for tribal affairs

11:43 2021-08-08

Save Youth Future Society, in partnership with UNICEF, carried out an awareness meeting with the Supreme Commission for Tribal Affairs in the southern governorates, to talk about vaccinations and its importance in the current period especially after the Ministry of Health warned that the fourth wave of Corona virus is about to occur. This meeting came as part of the activities of the project in the response to the Corona pandemic, "Vaccination is an opportunity".

Dr.  Moeen Al-Kariri, Director of the Education and Health Promotion Department at the Ministry of Health, started the meeting in the presence of Gazan families’mayors. Dr. Al-kariri emphasized the importance and safety of vaccinations, in addition to explaining the types of vaccinations and their mechanism of action.

During the meeting, the medical team of SYFs received the mayors' questions about vaccinations, and they answered it according to competent and reliable sources.

At the end of the meeting, the mukhtars affirmed their readiness to cooperate in order to spread awareness about the importance of taking the vaccination.