International Activities and Participation

07:53 2017-10-23
  • SYFS has participated in "Trust EuroMed Youth: Proactive Employment Future" which was held in Spain - (October-2012).
  • SYFS has participated in "Youth Employment Forum" which was held on Geneva, Switzerland – (May-2012).
  • SYFS has participated in "Euro-Med challenges meeting" which was held in Mediera, Portugal – (May-2012).
  • SYFS has participated in "Home exchange meeting" which was held in Seville, Spain – (July-2012).
  • SYFS has participated in "Right to Rights meeting" which was held in Crete, Greece – (September-2012).
  • SYFS has participated in "Empowering Youth Led Development meeting" which was held in Bolzano,      Italy - (October-2011).
  • SYF has participated in "Palestinian Refugees return right" conference which was held in New York, the United States of America, invited and organized by the Palestinian groups living there – (April-2004).
  • SYF has participated in "Cooperation for Poverty Alleviation" conference, took place in      Washington, invited and organized by Union of Churches , United states July 2004
  • Participated in youth camp in the united republic of Germany, invited and organize by      GTZ - (June-2004).
  • Joined a Palestinian delegation in visiting a number of organizations and churches in Atlanta, Georgia, to gather support for the Palestinian youth needs and to their cases, ambitions, in cooperation with the international network of  Hands collations for Hunger alleviation – (Aug-2004).
  • Joined a Palestinian students delegation in attending "Academics and Students for ending occupation" conference in Jerusalem, invited and organized by Academic and students collations for ending the occupation - (Jan-2005).
  • Contributed to shedding the light on the Palestinian community situation through enhancing the international communication and relations, coordinating exchange visits and activities with international committees supporting justice and humanitarian support.

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