"Create "Nurturing Minds .. Empowering Future .. Making Difference""

Increased Quality of Education Services Provided to Children and Youth in the Gaza Strip


1. To enhance academic achievement for children in different educational levels. 

  • A baseline study on reasons of low achievement for students.  
  • A development plan for students. 
  • Students improved educational achievement within school year. 


2. To raise awareness among caregivers around Gaza Strip on their role in active learning and new learning approaches.

  • Caregivers improved awareness on their role new educational approaches. 
  • Caregivers are provided with new approaches to monitor their children at home and at schools.


3. To assist development in school educational environments. 

  • School equipment’s are upgraded. 
  • Violence is reduced in students’ communities. 
  • Talented children are supported.


4. To develop capacities of schools staff. 

  • Relevant Capacity building program for school staff on management and teaching approaches is designed and conducted. 
  • Educational guidance campaigns are conducted.


5. Developing SYFS training center. 

  • Supporting SYFS center to develop capacities of school staff. 
  • Technical and administrative capacities for SYFS, Partner organizations and Private sector is improved. 
  • Training and guidance services are delivered.