Edward Said Unit


  • To  strengthen and empower the role of youth in the civil society programs so as to create creative Palestinian youth leaders.


  • Edward Said unit aspiring to empower Palestinian youth in the  society by equipping them with skills and capacities to develop a impartial, objective and cooperative working relationships with community leaders .
  • The representatives of  Youth will be present in many  committees work in our society.
  • Edward Said unit will have the extract common effort of Palestinian community leaders.
  • This will enable young people to better understanding for  the various economical  and educational challenges that Palestinian community face it.
  • Our vision will enhance the young people spirit in leadership, education and career development.


  1. To address the needs of youth in the  society.
  2. Building and estimate the  self-esteem qualities.
  3. Participation of young people(youth)and community leaders to reach a joint effort to develop and understand the need of economical and educational growth  and development for the community.
  4. Participate in community forums and fields, which affect  directly on the development of our society.
  5. Having a youth representation in community fields and forums and believe  the idea of community dialogues and  non-violence culture.
  6. Our goal is to succeed in the adoption of this strategic plan and pushing young people to own desire to maintain awareness and educational empowerment and community development which qualifies youth  to become future leaders of the Palestinian society.

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