Save Youth Future Society "SYFS"

SYFS is a non-profit, independent youth organization established in 2001 with a goal of developing Palestinian youth capacities and enhancing their participation in society. SYFS has a leading role among youth organizations in the Gaza Strip as it strives to activate youth and strengthen their capacity and skills to lead community mobilization, awareness-raising and advocacy actions about issues related to their lives, contributing to building democratic Palestinian state.

SYFS aspires to take a leading role in developing a youth-led civil society where creative and dynamic youth act as change makers within the society.

SYFS is an independent non-governmental organization that invests in development of Palestinian youth’s potential and strengthens their role in determining their life goals, and in leading the social change. In doing so, SYFS supports enforcement of youth identity, loyalty, and citizenship through outstanding and comprehensive approach in education, economic empowerment, and capacity development.